La Reginella Resort & SPA Ischia

Sea, Spa and Nature: the center of your holiday...

The island of Ischia is still well defined as the green island: covered by lush vegetation, offers many opportunities for hiking nature walks: a Lacco Ameno, near the la Reginella, there is the beautiful park of Villa Arbusto, while moving to Forio you can visit the famous garden of Mortella full of rare plants. Mount Epomeo then presents numerous possibilities for excursions that can be transformed into a real trek.

Visiting the town of Ischia Porto you can entertain in his numerous public parks suitable for the whole family. The nearest beach is known for Lacco Ameno Bay of Saint Montano. Other smaller beaches are moving to Forio, like the Beach of St. Francis, Chiaia and Citara. The latter is of considerable size, but it has been gradually reducing the erosion of the sea.

Moving to Porto, a trip well worth Ischia Ponte and the Sant'Anna Rocks on July 26 where there is a procession of boats which culminates with the "fire of the castle". The largest beach of the island of Ischia is, between Sant'Angelo and Forio.
If you decide to take a boat trip, definitely worth seeing is the Bay of San Pancrazio, accessible only by sea, characterized by clear waters. Here is a small beach, but there is a ban on landing due to the instability of the rocky ridge in front of the beach.

La Reginella allows you to enjoy a beautiful spa park, while remaining at the center of Lacco Ameno. So, if you doubt the whole of Negombo and Poseidon worth a visit, the lush spa garden of the la Reginella will allow you to immerse yourself in complete relaxation and natural spa while staying in the main square of Lacco Ameno will be at the center of the country and at the same time at the center of a spa park.

Albergo La Reginella Resort & SPA Ischia