La Reginella Resort & SPA Ischia

An elegant story

When 'Commendatore' Angelo Rizzoli christened La Reginella Hotel, his first comment was "Here is my little one…", the small and delightful dwelling that he loved particularly together with his Lacco Ameno, the jewel of an uncontaminated island with its beauty and authentic flavours, a resting place which provided inspiration and refuge to many artists of the time who chose Ischia as their buen retiro.

German painter Eduard Bargheer, the two time Pulitzer prize winner, Wystan Hugh Auden and Truman Capote, Nobel award winner for literature Pablo Neruda are just a few of the names which enhanced an era which introduced Ischia to the world. If the days were spent discovering an unknown and heavenly island, the evenings at the Reginella were an appointment not to be missed.

Everyone, from the paparazzi of the time to the Pignatiello Night Club (where the open air restaurant now sits) which hosted shows with names such as Mina, Peppino Di Capri, Paul Anka, Walter Chiari, Ugo Calise, Marino Barreto. Ischia night life was extraordinary with Capri which had no more than two or three night clubs, while on Ischia about ten opened and O' Pignatiello inside the Reginella quickly became the reference glamour club for the entire jet set that Angelo Rizzoli catapulted to Ischia.

Evenings became history with guests of the calibre of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, steady guests during the filming of the colossal "Cleopatra" which was shot on Ischia in 1962, the famed South African heart surgeon and playboy Christian Barnard, Ava Gardner and Vittorio De Sica, or an almost unknown Jacqueline Kennedy who was mad for a tailor from Ischia even before launching the famous "barefoot caprese" fashion, not to mention Charlie Chaplin and Clark Gable, William Holden and Maria Callas.

This presentation is a nostalgic touch of what the Reginella represented in the years of "swinging Ischia", with the intoxicating scent of flowers, the "virgin" scenery of the beaches and its sea creating a raw and picturesque spectacle, which today we remember with... an elegant story.

Albergo La Reginella Resort & SPA Ischia