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Thermal Park and SPA

When in the 7th century BC the Greek settlers came to Ischia from the island of Euboea, they chose the bay of San Montano to build their port facilities and their necropolis, while they built their acropolis on the promontory of Monte Vico, where today the Albergo San Montano stands. It was the Greeks who first used the island's hot waters.

These after a period of oblivion, were again "discovered" by the Romans during the imperial period. After the fall of the Empire again the benefits of these waters were forgotten, until the 17th century when Iasolino, a doctor on Ischia, conducted a scientific study of their properties. After Iasolino an ever increasing number of eminent doctors applied scientific methods to the study of these thermal waters.

These studies confirmed the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters of Ischia from the scientific point of view, thermal treatments nowadays classified as medical therapy by the Italian Ministry of Health. Most important is the preventive effect that thermal treatments have on the body, in fact they have a reinforcing action on the immune system increasing its efficiency in fighting the onset of illnesses.

A wide range of treatments and wellness packages is available at our wellness centre for those who wish to combine the benefits of thermal therapies with those of beauty treatments and massages.

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